Specialty Coffee


349 Gaffney Street

Pascoe Vale 3044


Mon - Fri 7 - 3.30

Sat - Sun 8 - 3.30


(03) 9354 3849



: the study of humankind, societies and cultures.

     :: "the study of man and coffee"


Our Story

ANTHROPOLOGY Specialty Coffee & Concept Store was founded on a more personal note as a means of connecting people through coffee. Coffee unites us in ways we’d never known possible. 

Our ideology of a concept store is somewhat different to places of familiarity. We are unique in that we display articulately designed products & artworks crafted by active members of the community. Over works of art, gifts, good food and coffee can we connect on a deeper level, through a common ground. 

We want to change the world, how we view and treat one another but we have to start somewhere...


So here we are serving you coffee, one cup at a time.

Coffee with a purpose.




"In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart."

- ANNE FRANK 1929 - 1944